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"There are no „absolutely grown ups” and no “absolutely childish” people. We all come from the world of the fairy tale, where we see the brightest dreams and the air is soaked with them. The most important thing is not to lose this childishness, when you grow up and get wiser, have a free spirit, be loving and always ready to meet fairy tale."

Katya Dudnik is the prominent Ukranian artist
She is like the Creator calls into existence her own world, which consists of fairytale dreams and faith for the good.
She makes us recall the children's games and dreams, see our environment in a different way — through the prism of the childish simplicity and naivete — and thus become better and more humane!

Katya was born in 1982 in Izmail (Ukraine). Her first teacher was her father, while mother was her inspiration. Apart from the outstanding natural talent, Kate has a profound professional background of the State School of Arts T.G.Shevchenko (1997-2000) and National Art Academy (2001-2007). Katya is the honorable Member of the Izmail Art Union and national Youth assembly of Artists of Ukraine.

In 2010 the name of Katya Dudnik was included to the “United Art Rating” (which includes the names of the artists of Russian Empire, USSR, Russian Federation, Ukraine and all the ex-USSR Republics of 18-21 centuries, who formed their part of the world’s heritage).
Katya Dudnik took part in various exhibitions which helped her become self confident,
brought her acclaim and incentives for new creative works.

  • 2019. Personal exhibition "Marvelous stories of little boys and girls", Kyiv, Art Gallery Manufactory
    2019. Katya Dudnik, a participant of the "Falling Shadow" project, "Dream at the Gardens of Giardini" of the Ukrainian pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale
  • 2019. Personal exhibition, Kyiv, Ukrainian Supreme Council (Verhovna Rada)
  • 2019. Personal exhibition "We are all from childhood", Kyiv, Kids Club "ZkidZ" Retail Park Petrovka
  • 2018. Participation in the exhibition "Mother's Tale" in the framework of the art project of Lika Spivakovskaya "Retrospective of Childhood" and "Junior Fashion Week", Kyiv, Parkovy Exhibition Center.
  • 2018. The personal exhibition "A world of dreams", Odessa, "GARDENS OF VICTORY" Luxury Gallery
  • 2018. Personal exhibition, Zatoka (Odessa region), hotel "ACADEMIA"
  • 2018. Participation in the exhibition of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and Moldova "Ukraine and Moldova" with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, the exhibition center of the Union of Artists "Konstantin Brunkus"
  • 2018. Illustrations for the book "Lawyer's Breakfast", authors Semen Khanin and Anna Khanina, publishing house "Vistka", ISBN: 978-5-4493-4325-3
  • 2018. Cultural and educational exhibition "Light in the Soul of a Child", Kyiv, "National Library of Ukraine for Children"
  • 2017. Illustrations to a series of books The best fairy tales of the world "Bremen musicians. Cinderella. Golden goose", publishing house "Makhaon-Ukraine", ISBN: 978-617-7562-06-0
  • 2017. The personal exhibition "Katrusina skarbnichka kazok", with the support of the charitable organization "Zlatoust" Cultural Arts Center, the city's history museum Kamenskoe, Kamenskoe (Dneprodzerzhinsk)
  • 2017. The personal exhibition "Katrusina skarbnichka kazok", Kropivnitsky (Kirovograd), gallery "ELISAWEATGRAD"
  • 2017. The personal exhibition "Katrusina skarbnichka kazok", Odessa, "GARDENS OF VICTORY" Luxury Gallery
  • 2017. Participation in the project "Ukrainian Fashion Week — 20 years", Kyiv, "Mystetsky Arsenal"
  • 2017. Participation in the exhibition "Magic artists of Kyiv and Ukraine", Kyiv, the Center of Ukrainian Culture and Art
  • 2017. The creation of the mural "The house where love lives", Kyiv, Bogdanovskaya str., 3 (not far from the railway station)
  • 2016. The personal exhibition, with the support of the charitable organization "Zlatoust" Cultural Arts Center, the city's history museum Kamenskoe, Kamenskoe (Dneprodzerzhinsk)
  • 2016. The personal exhibition "ART MIX FASHION" — an exhibition of new paintings and a presentation of a copyright T-shirts, Kyiv, Monacostyle beautyroom
  • 2016 Participation in all-Ukrainian project "374 artist", Kyiv
  • 2016 The personal exhibition in Regional Museum by Galagan, Chernigiv
  • 2016 The personal exhibition in National Museum by Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv
  • 2015 The personal exhibition in Spivakovskaya ART EGO, Kyiv
  • 2014 Christmas in Spivakovskaya ART EGO, Kyiv
  • 2013 The personal exhibition, Parsuna Gallery, Kyiv
  • 2013 The personal exhibition, Paduano Arte, Donetsk
  • 2013 The personal exhibition, Parsuna Gallery, Kyiv
  • 2012 The personal exhibition, Dnipropetrovsk, Pastoral restaurant
  • 2012 Exhibition, IAG, Izmail
  • 2012 Charity auction for Orphan House affiliated to Nikolo-Pervinskaja Convent, Moscow
  • 2012 Illustrations for the book by A.Lingrend “The Six Bullerby Children “, “Makhaon-Ukraine” publishing house, ISBN: 978-617-526-584-0
  • 2012 Charity auction “Artists for children”, Kyiv
  • 2012 The personal exhibition in Moscow, Arden Gallery
  • 2012 The personal exhibition «Save the child in you» in Kyiv, business-club Belgravia
  • 2011 The personal exhibition « Where fairytales dwell» in Izmail, Izmail artistic gallery
  • 2011 International Project "Ukraine — Georgia: two hearts and one soul" in Tbilisi
  • 2011 The Illustrator Exhibition in Lvov. International children festival.
  • 2011 illustrations for Gianni Rodari " Gelsomino in the land of Liars", ISBN: 978-617-526-330-3
  • 2011 Izmail. The christmas exhibition in Atr-bat gallery
  • 2010 Odessa, Bulgarian center, the personal exhibition "Just like that".
  • 2009 Kyiv, "Ukrainian house", the personal exhibition " The fairytales for Mother"
  • 2009 Georgia, The exhibition "From Ukraine with ProCreditArt", under the protectorship of ProCreditBank and the Georgian ambassy in Ukraine.
  • 2009 Odessa, exhibition "Dialog about Truth" The Museum of the Western and Eastern Art in Odessa
  • 2009 Izmail, exhibition "Dialog proceeds" Izmail pictures gallery
  • 2009 Kyiv, art exhibition “Fain art – 2009”.
  • 2009 Kyiv, Kate’s Dudnik personal art exhibition “Ceramics in the tower”
  • 2008 Kyiv, exhibition and fair of contemporary painting «ART Kiev 2008»
  • 2008 Izmail. The autumnal exhibition
  • 2008 Kyiv, ProCredit Bank, personal exhibition under the «Art Development Fund»
  • 2008 Izmail, «Exhibition of Izmail Painters’ Union»
  • 2006 Kyiv, Charity Fund «Sophia», personal exhibition
  • 2004 Kyiv, «Women’s exhibition dedicated to the 8-th of March»
  • 2004 Izmail, «The youth of Budjak»
  • 2001 Ivano-Frankivsk, «Picturesque Ukraine»
  • 2000 Odessa, exhibition dedicated to 2000 years of the Nativity
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